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Ginger is among the oldest oriental spices, widely embraced in Indian cuisine and beyond. Belonging to a tropical family, ginger thrives abundantly in the Indo-Malaysian region. In recent years, ginger export from India has experienced significant growth, providing a lucrative avenue for revenue generation. Exporters must adhere to stringent health and quality standards to ensure the integrity of the product. Ginger exports continue to flourish, offering ample opportunities for international trade and economic growth.


India stands as one of the world’s top ginger producers, yielding approximately 385.33 thousand tons annually. Over the years, the export of ginger from India has surged significantly, with volumes escalating from 8,332.91 tons in 2007-08 to 35,616.35 tons in 2011-12. This notable increase underscores the concerted efforts of Indian ginger exporters to enhance product quality and expand their global market reach, resulting in a steady uptrend in ginger exports year after year.



Rio-de-Janeiro is a sought-after variety of ginger distinguished by its unique characteristics. The rhizomes of this variety are notably bold in size, with a buff-colored skin. Renowned for its pungent aroma and high flavor profile, Rio-de-Janeiro ginger is prized for its intense taste. Additionally, it is less fibrous compared to other varieties, making it preferred for culinary applications where texture matters.



Thingpui is a notable variety of ginger cultivated in India, known for its distinct characteristics. This ginger variety is renowned for its pungent flavor profile. The rhizomes of Thingpui are typically medium-sized, with a buff-colored skin. Notably, Thingpui ginger is less fibrous compared to other varieties, enhancing its culinary appeal. Moreover, it boasts a rich and intense flavor, making it a favored choice among ginger enthusiasts and chefs alike.



Wynad is an esteemed variety of ginger, tracing back to the earliest origins of oriental spices. Known for its bold rhizomes, Wynad ginger boasts a buff-colored skin akin to many other varieties. Characterized by its pungent flavor and low fibrous texture, Wynad ginger is highly valued for its culinary versatility and aromatic profile.



Maran ginger stands out as a variety prized for its pungent aroma and rich flavor profile. The rhizomes of Maran are typically medium-sized, while the skin exhibits a buff hue. Notably, Maran ginger is less fibrous compared to other varieties, enhancing its culinary appeal and ease of use in various dishes.



Nadia ginger is recognized for its yellowish hue, distinguishing it from other varieties. The rhizomes of Nadia ginger typically range from medium to bold in size. Known for its moderate pungency and mild flavor, Nadia ginger offers a subtle yet distinct taste profile. Additionally, it is less fibrous compared to other ginger varieties, making it easier to incorporate into culinary creations.



Introduced in 2001, this ginger variety is characterized by its lumpy, round shape and bold rhizomes, forming three-layered compact clumps. Unlike some other varieties, it boasts low fiber content, contributing to its smooth texture and ease of use. Moreover, this variety is notably rich in oil and oleoresin, enhancing its aromatic and flavorful qualities, making it a favored choice for culinary and medicinal purposes alike.



The IISR-Mahima, unveiled in 2001, is characterized by its plump appearance, making it visually distinctive. Widely adopted in regions like Kerala, this ginger variety features bold rhizomes with notable fiber content, contributing to its texture and robustness. Notably, the IISR-Mahima exhibits resistance to root-knot nematode, a common pest affecting ginger crops, making it a preferred choice for cultivation in nematode-prone areas.



IISE-Varada is renowned for its exceptional quality and high yield in ginger cultivation. Featuring plump rhizomes adorned with medium-sized reddish-brown scales, it presents an appealing visual and culinary profile. Farmers have noted its disease tolerance and low fiber content, making it easier to cultivate and process. These attributes make IISE-Varada a favored choice among farmers seeking reliable and productive ginger varieties for cultivation.

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