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Garlic, a member of the onion genus, is cultivated globally and renowned for its distinctive flavor and aroma. India’s garlic exporters ship significant volumes of garlic to various countries annually. The rising demand for garlic exports from India presents a favorable opportunity for exporters to broaden their market reach and venture into the international arena. The export of garlic from India encompasses a diverse range of garlic varieties, catering to the preferences of global consumers. With its widespread popularity, garlic remains a promising commodity for international trade and business expansion.


NutrientsCalories – 4 calories
Dietary Fiber – 1.2 g
Carbohydrate 0.93 g
VitaminsVitamin C



The garlic import from India includes several varieties of garlic including Agrifound White, Yamuna Safed so on and so forth. The garlic exporter in India exports premium quality garlic to various corners of the world. The export of Garlic includes the following varieties.



The Agrifound White variety of garlic was developed through mass selection from a local collection sourced from the Biharsharif area in Bihar. Characterized by compact bulbs, Agrifound White exhibits a silvery-white outer appearance with creamy flesh. However, this variety is susceptible to common diseases like purple blotch and stemphylium blight, particularly prevalent in northern regions. Despite its vulnerability to certain diseases, Agrifound White boasts a respectable yield of around 130 quintals per hectare.



The Yamuna Safed variety of garlic was cultivated through mass selection from a local collection acquired from the Delhi (Azadpur) market. Its compact bulbs feature silvery-white skin and creamy flesh, with cloves typically numbering between 25 to 30 and exhibiting a sickle-shaped appearance. Notably, Yamuna Safed is known for its tolerance to insect pests and various diseases, including purple blotch, stemphylium blight, and onion thrips, making it a resilient and reliable choice for cultivation.



The Yamuna Safed-2 variety of garlic was cultivated through mass selection from a local collection sourced from the Karnal area in Haryana. Characterized by compact and visually appealing bulbs, Yamuna Safed-2 features creamy white flesh. With an average yield ranging from 150 to 200 quintals per hectare, this variety is particularly well-suited for cultivation in Northern India. Its robust performance and attractive attributes make it a recommended choice for garlic growers in the region.



The Yamuna Safed-3 variety of garlic has demonstrated successful cultivation in both Northern and Central regions of India. Developed through mass selection from a local collection acquired from Dindigul in 1990, this variety is distinguished by its wider leaves compared to other varieties. The bulbs of Yamuna Safed-3 are characterized by a creamy-white coloration and larger size, making it an appealing choice for garlic cultivation across different regions of the country.



The Agrifound Parvati variety of garlic was developed in 1992 through selection from an exotic collection sourced from the Hong Kong market. Classified as a long day type, Agrifound Parvati is well-suited for cultivation in the mid and high hills of Northern states. Its bulbs are notably larger in size and exhibit a creamy white color with a subtle pinkish tinge, distinguishing it as an attractive option for garlic growers in hilly regions.



The Yamuna Safed-4 variety of garlic was developed through mass selection technique from a local collection acquired from Jaunpur, Uttar Pradesh. Characterized by compact and visually appealing bulbs, Yamuna Safed-4 exhibits a creamy white coloration. With a maturity period of approximately 165-175 days, this variety offers a relatively fast growth cycle. Moreover, it boasts an impressive average yield ranging from 200 to 250 quintals per hectare, making it a desirable choice for garlic cultivation.



The Porcelain Garlic variety is renowned for its classic and pearly white appearance, featuring a stiff neck. Typically, it contains four or five uniform cloves, each enclosed within its pristine skin. The neck, characterized by a snaky tangle known as the “scape,” is the remnant of the bulb’s shoots and can be utilized in cooking. Known for its aesthetic appeal, Porcelain garlic exudes a simple yet robust flavor profile, making it a delightful addition to various culinary creations.



The Rocambole Garlic variety is distinguished by its purple-streaked appearance and loose skin. Known for its bold flavor profile, Rocambole garlic is described as big-flavored but does not have a long shelf life. This garlic variety is notable for its high sulfenic acid content, which contributes to its chili-like burning taste, adding a spicy kick to culinary dishes.

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