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Coriander seeds, typically plump and brown in color, contain essential oils within their hollow cavities, imparting flavor to dishes when used in cooking. The Coriander Seeds exporter in India annually exports significant quantities of this product, presenting a lucrative business opportunity for local vendors and farmers to expand into the international market. With various varieties exported to different parts of the world, Coriander Seeds from India are in high demand globally.


NutrientsCalories – 3.68 kcal
Carbohydrate 0.587 g
VitaminsVitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin K



The import of Coriander Seeds from India encompasses a wide range of varieties, such as Sadhana, Sindhu, Sudha, and many more. The Coriander Seeds exporter in India ensures the export of premium-quality seeds to diverse regions worldwide. Major varieties included in the export of Coriander Seeds from India comprise…



The Sadhana variety of Coriander is known for its medium duration and adaptability for both grain and leaf purposes due to its bushy nature. Resistant to aphids, it thrives in moisture-retentive black soils. With yields ranging from 1000 to 1100 kg per hectare, it stands as a reliable choice for cultivation.



The Sindhu variety of coriander is characterized by its medium duration, spanning approximately 95-100 days. Its medium-sized grains contribute to its appeal, with yields averaging around 1050 kg/ha. Renowned for its suitability for export activities, Sindhu stands as a favorable choice for coriander cultivation.



The Sudha variety of coriander is recognized for its medium duration, typically spanning between 80-98 days. Sporting oblong-shaped grains of medium size, Sudha boasts a yield potential ranging from 750-1200 kg/ha. Notably, this variety also exhibits an essential oil content ranging from 0.36% to 0.40%, further enhancing its desirability.



The Swathi variety of coriander is characterized by its short duration, typically lasting between 80-85 days. Notably, it possesses resistance to powdery mildew, a common fungal disease. With a yield potential of around 900 kg/ha, Swathi is esteemed as a suitable choice for export endeavors.



The APHU Dhania-1 variety of coriander seeds is characterized by its medium duration, typically lasting between 85-90 days. The grains of this variety are bold and oblong-shaped, contributing to its distinct appearance. With a yield potential ranging from 850-1200 kg/ha, APHU Dhania-1 is considered a high-yielding variety. Additionally, it boasts an essential oil content of about 0.40%, adding to its value and versatility.



The Sugana variety of coriander seeds is a medium-duration cultivar, typically maturing within 90-95 days of sowing. Known for its slender and oval-shaped grains, this variety offers a distinctive appearance. With a yield potential ranging from 750-1350 kg/ha, Sugana is considered a high-yielding variety, suitable for commercial cultivation. Notably, it boasts a high volatile oil content of about 0.52%, enhancing its value and desirability.



The Suruchi variety of coriander seeds is renowned for its high yield potential and suitability for off-season production. With a relatively short duration of 35 to 55 days after sowing, Suruchi offers a quick turnaround from planting to harvest. During the rabi season, it delivers an average grain yield of approximately 15 – 18 t/ha, while in off-season cultivation under 50% shade net, it yields around 2.5-4.5 t/ha of greens. This makes Suruchi a valuable choice for farmers seeking to maximize productivity and extend cultivation beyond the typical growing season.



The Susthira variety of coriander seeds is characterized by its high yield potential and adaptability to varying growing conditions. This medium duration variety exhibits stability in yield, particularly in rainfed areas. Under rainfed conditions, Susthira offers a yield potential ranging from 12.0 to 14.3 quintals per hectare, while under irrigated conditions, it can yield between 12.0 to 17.5 quintals per hectare. This reliability makes Susthira a preferred choice for farmers looking to achieve consistent yields regardless of the prevailing moisture conditions.

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