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Black gram, also known as black lentil, is a highly popular lentil variety in India. Characterized by its round shape, black color, and slightly elongated form, it possesses a sticky texture and mild flavor. Indian exporters ship substantial quantities of black gram to global destinations. With rising global demand, the export of black gram from India has experienced significant growth. This presents an excellent opportunity for Indian exporters to diversify and penetrate international markets. The export of black gram encompasses various varieties, catering to diverse consumer preferences.


NutrientsCalories – 341 kcal
Dietary Fiber – 18.3 g
Total Carbohydrate – 58.99 g
VitaminsVitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin B-6



Black Gram import from India includes various varieties like ADT 1, CO 1, KM 1, TMV 1 so on and so forth. The Black Gram exporter in India has to export products that are of good quality and adhere to all the health and safety measures of the country. Here are the major varieties of Black Gram involved in the export of Black Gram.



Derived from the Aduthurai local variety, ADT 1 black gram was released in 1965. Maturing approximately 80 days after transplantation, it yields around 450 kg/ha under rainfed conditions. Notably, ADT 1 boasts a high protein content of 19.9%.


CO 1

Selected from the Srivaikundam local variety, the CO 1 black gram was released in 1968. Maturing in approximately 110 days, it yields about 600 kg/ha under rainfed conditions and 750 kg/ha under irrigated conditions. Specifically recommended for rainfed cultivation, CO 1 exhibits promising productivity.


KM 1

Released in 1977, the KM 1 black gram variety matures in approximately 65-70 days after transplantation. Under rainfed conditions, it yields about 25 kg/ha. Known for its dwarf stature, KM 1 exhibits drought tolerance, making it suitable for regions prone to water scarcity.



Derived from the cross of Midhi Ulundu and KM 1, the TMV 1 black gram variety was released in 1979. Maturing in approximately 65-70 days, it exhibits a grain yield of around 800 kg/ha under irrigated conditions. TMV 1 is known for its resistance to YMV and tolerance to root rot, enhancing its suitability for cultivation.



Introduced in 1987, the Vamban 1 variety of black gram matures in approximately 60-65 days post-transplantation. With a grain yield of about 780 kg/ha under rainfed conditions and 900 kg/ha under irrigated conditions, it is considered a high-yielding variety. Additionally, Vamban 1 exhibits tolerance to Yellow Mosaic Virus (YMV), further enhancing its agricultural value.



Developed in 1993, the APK 1 variety of black gram reaches maturity approximately 75 days after transplantation. It boasts a commendable grain yield of about 940 kg/ha under irrigated conditions. APK 1 is particularly suitable for rainfed cultivation, making it an excellent choice for intercropping with cotton crops.


VBN (BG) 4

Released in 2003, the VBN (Bg) 4 variety of black gram matures in approximately 75-80 days after transplanting. Under rainfed conditions, it yields about 780 kg/ha, while under irrigation, it can yield up to 900 kg/ha. Notably, this variety exhibits resistance to the Yellow Mosaic Virus, enhancing its suitability for cultivation.



Developed and released in 2014, the MDU 1 variety of black gram matures within approximately 70-75 days after transplanting. When cultivated under irrigated conditions, it yields around 790 kg/ha. Recognized for its high-yielding potential, this variety also demonstrates resistance to the leaf crinkle virus, contributing to its desirability among farmers.



Introduced in 2017, the KKM 1 variety of black gram reaches maturity approximately 65-70 days after transplanting. Under rice fallow conditions, it yields around 607 kg/ha. Known for its high yield potential, this variety exhibits moderate resistance to both yellow mosaic virus (YMV) and powdery mildew. Additionally, its suitability for rice fallow makes it a versatile choice for farmers.

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