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Sunflower seeds, derived from the fruit of the sunflower plant, offer numerous benefits and applications. India’s sunflower exporters supply these seeds to various global markets, with exports witnessing a consistent rise in recent years. The expanding global demand for sunflower presents a lucrative opportunity for Indian exporters to establish and expand their presence in international markets. Sunflower exports encompass a diverse range of sunflower varieties catering to different market preferences.


NutrientsCalories – 584 calories
Dietary Fiber – 9 g
Total Carbohydrate 20 g
Pantothenic Acid



The import of sunflower from India encompasses a wide array of varieties such as DRSF-108, DRSF-113, and more. India’s sunflower exporters specialize in delivering premium quality across all these varieties to international markets. The export of sunflower from India comprises a diverse selection of varieties, each offering unique characteristics and meeting various market demands.



Introduced in 2004, DRSF-108 stands as a notable variety of sunflower exported from India. With an average yield ranging between 1200 to 1400 kg/ha, this variety typically matures in approximately 95 to 100 days. Notably, it boasts an oil content percentage of around 37%.



The DRSF-113 variety of Sunflower seeds, introduced in 2007, yields approximately 1200-1400 kg/ha. It typically matures within 90-98 days from transplantation. Notably, this variety boasts an oil content of around 40%.


DRSH-1 (PCSH-243)

Introduced in 2006, the DRSH-1 variety of sunflower seeds yields approximately 1300-1600 kg/ha on average. It typically matures within 95-105 days from transplantation and boasts an oil content of around 40%.


SURYA (RVK - 72-37)

Surya, a variety of sunflower seeds exported from India, is particularly recommended for cultivation in Maharashtra. With a maturation period of approximately 90-95 days, it yields about 800-1000 kg/ha under rainfed conditions. These seeds contain an oil content of around 32-35%.


KBSH - 1

The KBSH-1 variety of Sunflower seeds matures in approximately 90-95 days and grows to a height of 150-180 cm. These seeds contain an oil content of around 43-45%, with an average yield of 1900 kg.


NSFH - 9

The NSFH-9 variety matures in approximately 85-95 days and reaches a height of 120-150 cm. With an average yield of around 1800 kg per hectare, this variety can achieve a maximum yield of 2700 kg per hectare. The oil content in NSFH-9 is typically between 38-42%.


SH – 3322

The SH-3322 variety typically matures in approximately 85-95 days, reaching a height of about 120-145 cm. With an oil content ranging from 40-41%, this variety boasts an average yield of around 2095 kg.


MSFH - 1

The MSFH-1 variety of sunflower seeds typically matures in approximately 95 days. With an oil content of around 40%, these seeds yield an average of 1500-2500 kg per hectare.

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