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Radish, scientifically known as Raphanus sativus, is a herbaceous plant cultivated for its edible taproot. The Indian Radish exporter plays a significant role in supplying this nutritious vegetable to international markets. With the increasing popularity of radish worldwide, the export demand from India has seen a notable rise. This presents a lucrative opportunity for Indian exporters to expand their business globally. The Radish export from India encompasses a diverse range of varieties to meet the diverse preferences of consumers across different regions.


NutrientsCalories – 16 calories
Dietary Fiber – 1.6 g
Carbohydrate 3.4 g
VitaminsVitamin C
Vitamin B-6



The Radish exporter from India offers a wide range of varieties to cater to diverse market preferences. Some of the key varieties included in the Radish export from India are Pusa Desi, Pusa Chetki, Pusa Reshmi, and many others. These varieties are carefully selected for their quality, taste, and suitability for export purposes, ensuring that consumers worldwide can enjoy the freshness and flavor of Indian radishes.



Pusa Desi is a subtropical cultivar of radish, ideal for sowing from the middle of August to October in the northern plains of India. The roots of this variety are characterized by their pure white color and tapering shape, with a green stem end. Pusa Desi typically matures in 50-55 days after sowing, making it a relatively fast-growing variety. It is particularly well-suited for cultivation in northern India during the late summer and early autumn months.



The Pusa Chetki variety exhibits wider adaptability and is capable of tolerating high temperatures. It is typically suitable for cultivation from mid-March to mid-August in both northern and central parts of India. The roots of this variety are characterized by their medium length, stumpy shape, and pure white color. They possess a mildly pungent flavor and typically mature in around 40-45 days after sowing.



The roots of the Pusa Reshmi variety typically measure 30-45cm in length and are predominantly white with a green tinge on the top. This variety is well-suited for early sowing, typically from mid-September to mid-November. It exhibits tolerance to slightly higher temperatures as well. The roots are usually ready for harvesting in around 55-60 days after sowing.



The Japanese White variety of radish features cylindrical roots measuring about 25-30 cm in length. They are characterized by pure white skin and crisp, solid flesh with a mild flavor. This variety is typically suitable for cultivation between October and December in the plains, and from July to September in the hills. The crop usually matures in around 60-65 days after sowing.



The roots of the Punjab Safed variety of radish are characterized by their smooth, white, tapering appearance, with a mild taste and absence of forking. Typically measuring 30-40 cm in length and 3-5 cm in thickness, these roots mature in around 50-60 days after sowing. Ideal for sowing in September-October, Punjab Safed is known for its rapid growth, with roots remaining edible for up to 10 days after reaching full size.



The Arka Nishant variety of radish is distinguished by its long, marble white roots, which exhibit resistance to pithiness and premature bolting. The roots feature a smooth, shining red skin and white, crisp, solid flesh with a mild pungency. This variety typically matures in around 50-55 days after sowing.



The Pusa Himani variety of radish produces roots that are typically 30-35 cm in length and 10-12 cm in diameter. These roots have a pure white skin and crisp, sweet-flavored flesh with a mild pungency. The crop usually matures in around 55 days after sowing. Notably, Pusa Himani is the only variety that can be cultivated throughout the year in the hills, except during the winter months.



The White Icicle is a medium-short European table variety of radish that typically matures in around 25-30 days. The roots of the White Icicle are approximately 12-15 cm long and 2-3 cm in diameter. This variety is usually sown from mid-October to February. The skin of the radish is pure white, while the flesh is icy white, juicy, and sweet-flavored.



The Rapid Red White Tipped is an extra early European Table type of radish, known for its rapid growth and maturity in around 25-30 days. The roots of this variety are smooth, small, round, and bright red with a distinctive white tip. The flesh is pure white, crisp, and snappy, offering a delightful texture. Typically, this variety is sown from mid-October to February.

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