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Potatoes hold a significant position among India’s staple food crops, utilized in a variety of dishes including vegetables, salads, and curries. India has earned the distinction of being the world’s second-largest exporter of potatoes, supplying to over 30 countries globally. The majority of exported potatoes from India originate from states such as Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and Gujarat. Notably, Nepal stands out as the primary importer of Indian potatoes, among several other countries engaging in potato imports from India.


Indian potato exporters offer a diverse range of potato varieties for export, including Kufri Pukhraj, Kufri Jyoti, Kufri Bahar, Bhura Aloo, and more. Despite India’s significant presence as a potato exporter, it remains one of the largest consumers of potatoes globally. Here are some of the widely consumed potato varieties around the world



The Kufri Pukhraj potato variety is characterized by its medium to large size and slightly irregular shape. Sporting a light brown to golden hue, these potatoes boast a smooth, wax-like skin with shallow eyes and small brown spots. Upon cooking, Kufri Pukhraj potatoes exhibit a tender texture and offer a subtle, earthy flavor.



Kufri Jyoti stands out as a favored potato variety, renowned for its ease of cooking and waxy texture. With a mild flavor, it is particularly well-suited for instant flakes and chips. The flesh of Kufri Jyoti potatoes can vary from white to matching the color of their skin.



Kufri Bahar potatoes are distinguished by their large, round-oval shape and white coloration. Featuring a smooth skin and medium-deep eyes, this variety boasts white flesh. Adapted for cultivation in regions including Haryana, Himachal Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir, and Uttar Pradesh, Kufri Bahar is a versatile choice for potato growers.



Bhura Aloo, a significant potato variety predominantly found in Bihar, is a native cultivar known for its relatively low productivity. Despite this, its popularity remains strong among farmers due to the preference for red-skinned potatoes, ensuring consistent demand for Bhura Aloo in the market.



The Chipsons potato variety is renowned for its easy cooking process and mild flavor profile. Specifically, Kufri Chipsona stands out with its waxy texture and remarkable resistance to discoloration post-cooking. With low levels of reducing sugars and phenols, this variety is particularly well-suited for the preparation of chips and French fries.



Kufri Sindhuri is classified as a medium-late variety of potatoes, typically requiring approximately 110-120 days to reach maturity. The tubers of Kufri Sindhuri exhibit a medium size, smooth texture, and round shape, with light red skin and a dull white flesh.



Kufri Chandramukhi stands as an early-maturing variety of potatoes, typically reaching maturity within 80-90 days. The tubers of Kufri Chandramukhi are characterized by their large, smooth, oval, and flattened shape, featuring white skin, shallow eyes, and white flesh. This variety is reputed to yield approximately 100 quintals per acre.



Kufri Khyati emerges as a high-yielding potato variety with moderate resistance to late blight. Cultivated primarily in the plains of India, Kufri Khyati typically outperforms other early-maturing cultivars in terms of yield.

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Potatoes rank among the most consumed vegetables globally, with India experiencing a steady increase in potato exports annually.¬† As one of India’s most reliable exporters, Morning Star offers comprehensive support, from connecting with buyers to conducting detailed market analysis. Looking to export food products? Morning Star is your premier choice!

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