Indian Brinjal (Eggplant)

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India has a diverse range of climatic and soil conditions that support the thriving growth of fruits and vegetables. The business of Indian brinjal exporters has indeed been growing in recent years. India ranks second in the world in the production of many vegetables, including brinjal. Exporting brinjal from India involves several processes, such as documentation, health, and safety measures. Many varieties of brinjal are included in the export from India.


NutrientsCalories – 25 calories
Carbs – 5 grams
Fibre – 3 grams
VitaminVitamin C, Vitamin K, Vitamin B6
MineralsDietary Fiber


Brinjal (Eggplant) VARIETIES WE EXPORT

The brinjal exporter in India exports various varieties of brinjals, including Pusa Purple Long, Pusa Kranti, Pusa Barsati, and more. These are some of the major varieties of brinjals used in the export of brinjal from India.



The Pusa Purple Long variety of brinjal is characterized by its early maturing nature and long-fruited type. The brinjals are glossy and light purple in color, typically measuring around 25-30 cm in length. Known for their smoothness and tenderness, these brinjals are ready for picking in approximately 100 to 110 days after planting.



The Pusa Purple Cluster is a cluster-bearing type of brinjal variety developed at the Indian Agricultural Research Institute in New Delhi. This variety is recognized for its high yield and resistance to bacterial wilt. The fruits of this variety are medium-long, dark purple, and oblong in shape, growing in clusters. The first picking can typically be done around 60-65 days after transplanting.



The Pusa Kranti variety of brinjals, released by IARI, New Delhi, exhibits a dwarf and spreading growth habit. Its fruits are oblong and stockier than slender, displaying an attractive dark purple color. This variety is suitable for both spring and autumn plantings in the northern regions of India.



The Pusa Barsati variety of brinjals, released by PAU, Ludhiana, is characterized by its dwarf and erect growth habit, free from thorns. The fruits of this variety are medium-sized, long, and exhibit a purple coloration. On average, this variety yields around 35.5 t/ha.



The Manjiri Gota variety of brinjals typically displays a dwarf and spreading growth habit. Its fruits are medium-large in size, round in shape, and exhibit a purple coloration with white stripes. Upon reaching maturity, the brinjals of the Manjiri Gota variety develop a golden yellow color. On average, this variety yields around 15-20 t/ha.



The Arka Navneet is a high yielding hybrid variety of Brinjals. The fruits of this variety vary from large oval to oblong in shape. The skin of this variety is deep purple shining and each fruit weighs around 450 g. The crop is ready for picking in about 150-160 days. The average yield of Arka Navneet is 65-70 t/ha.



The Arka Sheel variety of brinjals typically exhibit medium-long-sized fruits with a deep shining purple skin. The calyx is fleshy and green in color, while the plant bears purple flowers with a solitary bearing habit. Generally, the crop is ready for picking in around 150-160 days after planting. On average, the Arka Sheel variety yields about 38 t/ha.



The Arka Kusumukar variety of brinjals, developed by IIHR, Bangalore, typically features a spreading plant habit with green stems and leaves. The small green fruits of this plant are borne in clusters and are known for their soft texture and good cooking quality. On average, the Arka Kusumukar variety yields about 40 t/ha.



The Pusa Ankur variety of brinjals is characterized by oval-round, small-sized fruits. These glossy and highly attractive fruits typically weigh between 60-80g each. Being an early-bearing variety, Pusa Ankur is ready for its first picking around 45 days after transplanting. Notably, these fruits maintain their color and tenderness even when picking is delayed.



The Arka Nidhi is a high-yielding variety of brinjals known for its resistance to bacterial wilt. These brinjals typically grow in clusters, and their calyx is purplish-green in color. Ready for picking approximately 150 days after transplanting, the Arka Nidhi variety boasts an average yield of 48 t/ha.



The Arka Keshav variety, developed by IIHR, Bangalore, is a high-yielding bacterial wilt-resistant type. Known for its tender fruits, which are free from bitter principles and reach seed maturity, this variety is typically ready for harvesting in approximately 150 days. With an average yield of 45 t/ha, the Arka Keshav variety is favored for its productivity and disease resistance.

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