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The strawberry, a delicate and sweet fruit, grows low on flowering plants. Indian exporters ship tons of strawberries annually, capitalizing on its popularity as one of the most sought-after berries. With increasing demand, the export of strawberries from India has witnessed steady growth in recent years.


NutrientsCalories – 53 kcal
Fiber – 3.30 g
Carbohydrate 12.75 g
VitaminsVitamin C
Vitamin B9



Imports of oats from India encompass a diverse array of varieties such as HFO-114, Brunker-10, Weston-11, and more. Indian oats exporters specialize in shipping premium quality oats and other grains to destinations worldwide. This export opportunity serves as an attractive entry point for local vendors into the global market.



The Chandler variety of strawberries is known for its large size and firm texture. These berries typically ripen from early to mid-season, offering a delightful taste experience. Their shape can range from long and wedge-shaped to large and conical, and they boast a brilliant red hue with a glossy appearance.



The Strawberry Tioga is a robust and vigorous variety known for its large and sweet fruits, which are available from late spring to late summer. Its firm, medium-sized berries boast a deep red color, perfect for enjoying fresh or using in various culinary applications such as jams and desserts.



The Torrey variety of strawberries, originating from California, is renowned for its vigorous growth and excellent color. Widely regarded as one of the most delicious and popular varieties, Torrey strawberries are favored for their exceptional flavor and appeal.



The Selva variety of strawberries is highly esteemed in Northern Europe, known for its consistent remounting capabilities. This variety is well-suited for export, prized for its firm texture and excellent transportability. While the taste of Selva strawberries is typically described as neutral, their reliability and durability make them a popular choice among growers and exporters alike.



The Fern variety of strawberries is known for its vigorous growth and continuous bearing throughout the growing season. The strawberries produced by this variety are well-sized, firm, and boast a delightful sweetness. With its ability to yield abundant harvests in spring, summer, and fall, the Fern variety is highly versatile and suitable for various culinary uses including fresh consumption, preservation, and freezing.

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