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Papaya, a tropical fruit prized for its sweet and juicy orange pulp, is a staple in many diets worldwide. With Indian papaya exporters shipping large quantities of this fruit overseas annually, the global demand for papaya continues to rise steadily. This presents a lucrative opportunity for local farmers and vendors to broaden their market reach and participate in international trade.


NutrientsCalories – 59 calories
Fiber – 3 g
Total Carbohydrate – 15 g
VitaminsVitamin A
Vitamin C



The Papaya exporter in India exports various varieties of Papayas including Coorg Honey Dew, Pusa dwarf, Pusa Giant, Pusa Majesty so on and so forth. India exports premium quality of papayas abroad. The Papaya export from India includes the following major varieties of Papayas.



The Coorg Honey Dew variety of papaya is cultivated both for direct consumption and processing. Characterized by its greenish-yellow oblong-shaped fruits, this variety boasts thick orange flesh with a delightful flavor. Its exceptional quality ensures that it commands a premium market value, making it a sought-after choice for both consumers and processors alike.



The Pusa Dwarf variety of papaya is a dioecious type featuring compact plants and medium-sized oval fruits. These plants typically begin bearing fruit from a height of 25 to 30 cm above ground level and exhibit good tolerance to drought conditions. With its compact growth habit, the Pusa Dwarf variety is well-suited for high-density planting, making it a favorable choice for commercial cultivation.



The Pusa Giant variety of papayas is characterized by vigorous and sturdy plants that exhibit good tolerance to strong winds. As a dioecious cultivar, it produces large-sized fruits, making it suitable for various applications, including the canning industry. With its robust growth and prolific fruiting, the Pusa Giant variety is a preferred choice for commercial cultivation.



The Pusa Majesty variety of papayas exhibits tolerance to viral diseases and root-knot nematodes, making it a resilient choice for cultivation. Its medium-sized fruits are round in shape and boast superior keeping quality, ensuring prolonged freshness. Typically, Pusa Majesty begins fruiting approximately 146 days after transplanting, offering a relatively quick turnaround for growers.



The Pusa Delicious variety of papayas is a gynodioecious line characterized by medium-tall plants. It typically begins yielding fruit around 8 months after planting, producing high-quality fruits. These medium-sized papayas feature deep orange flesh renowned for its excellent flavor, making them ideal for consumption as table fruit.



The Co.1 variety is a selection from the Ranchi cultivar conducted by TNAU, Coimbatore. Its fruit is medium-sized, spherical, and adorned with smooth greenish-yellow skin. Inside, the flesh boasts an orange-yellow hue, characterized by its soft and firm texture. Moderately juicy, this variety offers good keeping quality, making it a desirable choice for consumption.



The Washington variety of papayas is primarily cultivated for table purposes. Its fruits are typically round in shape, medium to large in size, and contain few seeds. As they ripen, the skin of these papayas turns a bright yellow color. On average, the fruit weighs between 1.5 to 2 kg. Notably, the Washington variety consists of separate male and female plants.



The Solo variety of papayas is primarily cultivated for table consumption. Its fruits are typically small and feature a deep pink pulp known for its sweet taste. Additionally, the Solo variety is often favored for kitchen gardens due to its compact size and suitability for home cultivation.



The Taiwan-786 variety of papaya is gynodioecious and cultivated for both table consumption and processing. Its oblong fruits are characterized by a deliciously sweet pulp with few seeds. Typically, the plants of this variety begin bearing fruits at a height of 100 cm above the ground. With an average weight ranging between 1 to 3 kg, the fruits exhibit excellent keeping quality, making them suitable for storage and transportation.



The IIHR39 and IIHR54 varieties of papayas, developed at IIHR Bangalore, produce medium-sized fruits with a sweet flavor profile and high Total Soluble Solids (TSS) content, measuring at 14.5° Brix. These varieties also boast improved shelf life, making them suitable for both consumption and commercial distribution.

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