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Mango, often hailed as the “King of fruits,” holds a prestigious position in India’s agricultural landscape. With a production of approximately 15.03 million tons, India contributes a significant 40.48% to the global mango production. Over the years, mango export from India has witnessed substantial growth, with exports increasing from Rs. 142 crores in 2006-2007 to Rs. 209 crores in 2010-2011, marking a remarkable 47% growth. This surge in Indian mango export presents a promising opportunity for expansion in the international market.


NutrientsCalories – 99
Dietary Fiber – 2.6 gm
Carbs – 24.7 gm
Protein1.4 gm
Fat0.6 gm
VitaminVitamin A and C
Iron and a little Calcium
Zinc and Vitamin E


Mango exporter in India exports many varieties of mangoes abroad. The major 5 countries which so mango import from India are UAE, Bangladesh, UK, Saudi Arabia, and Nepal. Here are some of the most famous varieties of mangoes



Alphonso mangoes stand out as one of the most sought-after mango varieties globally, cherished for their exquisite taste and texture. Available seasonally from mid-April to the end of June, these mangoes boast a lusciously rich and creamy texture. Their pulp is succulent and devoid of fibers, offering a delightful eating experience. A ripe Alphonso mango typically features a vibrant golden-yellow skin tinged with hints of red, while the flesh inside is renowned for its saffron-colored hue.



The Kesar mango, also known as ‘Gir Kesar’, is a revered mango cultivar cultivated in the foothills of Girnar in Gujarat. Renowned for its vibrant orange-colored pulp, this variety is typically available in the market during April. Cultivation of Kesar mangoes commences around October following the monsoon season.



The Pairi mango, considered one of the finest varieties in India, is oval in shape and typically weighs between 250 to 450 grams. Its flesh, with a yellowish-orange hue, is firm, juicy, fiberless, and remarkably sweet. Known for its pronounced aroma and exceptional quality, Pairi mangoes are highly sought after.



The Totapuri mango variety, commonly found in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, is characterized by its large size. These mangoes are oblong in shape, with a distinctive beak-like pointed end, and their skin ranges from green to golden yellow. Totapuri mangoes typically have thick skin, and their flesh is firm and tangy, making them popular for culinary purposes.



The Neelum variety of mangoes is renowned for its elegant shape, distinctive taste, and delightful floral aroma. Primarily cultivated in the states of Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka, and Tamil Nadu, Neelum mangoes are characterized by their large size and oblong shape, often tapering to a pointed base. These mangoes are prized for their exceptional flavor and are cherished by mango enthusiasts for their unique sensory experience.



The Langra mango variety, also known as Banarasi Langra, is a cultivar predominantly grown in Varanasi, Banaras, and other northern regions of India. Recognizable for its distinctive greenish tinge even when ripe, Langra mangoes are typically harvested during the latter half of July. This variety is celebrated for its unique flavor profile and is highly prized among mango enthusiasts for its exceptional taste and aroma.



Dashehari is indeed one of the most esteemed varieties of mangoes in Northern India, celebrated for its exceptional taste and delightful aroma. Remarkably, around 80% of mango varieties cultivated in the region can trace their genetic lineage back to the Dashehari mango plant. This cultivar holds a special place in the hearts of mango lovers, cherished for its unique flavor and widespread popularity across the region.



Rajapuri mangoes are indeed among the largest varieties found in India. Resembling the shape of Kesar mangoes but slightly more rounded, Rajapuri mangoes boast a smooth skin with hues ranging from yellow to orange and red. These mangoes typically weigh between 500g to 1kg, with the smaller ones often reputed for their sweeter taste.



The Himsagar mango, originating from the state of West Bengal, is a beloved mango cultivar renowned for its delectable taste. Its pulp ranges from yellow to orange in color and is completely devoid of any fibrous texture. Typically medium-sized, Himsagar mangoes usually weigh between 250 and 350 grams, making them a delightful choice for mango enthusiasts.



Chausa mango, also referred to as Chaunsa, is a renowned mango cultivar believed to have originated from Pakistan. Widely cultivated in both Pakistan and India, this variety is characterized by its golden-yellow hue. With minimal fibers, Chausa mangoes offer an aromatic, delightful, and sweet flavor that is cherished by mango enthusiasts.

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