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Apricots, highly nutritious stone fruits, are exported by Indian suppliers to nearly 95 countries globally. The total export value of apricots from India amounts to approximately 27.97 million USD. These exports encompass diverse apricot varieties and reach key markets such as the Netherlands, China, USA, France, and the United Kingdom. Notably, the apricot export to these top five countries alone contributes around 17.4 million USD in value.


NutrientsCalories – 48 calories
Dietary Fiber – 2 g
Carbohydrate 11 g
VitaminsVitamin A
Vitamin C
Vitamin B-6



Importing apricots from India entails sourcing various varieties such as Aprium, August Glo, Autumn Royal, and more. Quality assurance and compliance with health and safety regulations are paramount for Indian exporters of apricots. The export portfolio encompasses these key varieties, ensuring adherence to stringent standards for international trade.



The Aprium apricot variety boasts medium to large-sized fruits with clear yellow skin and a hint of plum flavor. Notably, it is harvested late in the season, making it a sought-after choice. Its distinct taste and export suitability make it a valuable addition to apricot exports.



The August Glo apricot variety, ideal for export from India, is of medium size and renowned for its delightful sweet-tart flavor profile. With its late harvest period, this variety ensures quality and freshness, making it a preferred choice for export markets.



This apricot variety, akin to Blenheim, features medium-sized fruits with yellow skin and a subtle orange blush. Its yellow flesh, slightly acidic in taste, lends itself well to various applications, including fresh consumption, canning, or drying.



The Blenheim variety of apricots is characterized by medium to large-sized fruits with thick, yellow-orange flesh. Renowned for its juicy texture and sweet, sprightly, and aromatic flavor, it is considered the classic California apricot. This variety typically ripens for early to midseason harvest.



The Mormon variety of apricots is distinguished by its small size and orange skin with a red blush. Its fruits feature a smooth exterior and firm flesh, offering a sweet and juicy taste. Typically harvested from midseason to late, this variety is favored for its delightful flavor and texture.



The Earligold variety of apricots is characterized by its medium size and golden-yellow color, accompanied by a rich and juicy flesh. Primarily utilized for canning and fresh consumption, this variety is renowned for its early harvest, making it an ideal choice for those seeking an early-season apricot option.



The Floragold apricot variety is known for its small to medium size and vibrant yellow skin and flesh. With a mid-season harvest, it offers a delightful balance of sweetness and tartness, making it an excellent choice for export purposes.



The Garden Annie apricot variety typically exhibits medium to large-sized fruits with vibrant yellow skin. Its juicy and firm clingstone flesh makes it ideal for both fresh consumption and processing. Known for its early harvest, Garden Annie is a popular choice among growers and consumers alike.



The Goldcot apricot variety is distinguished by its medium to large size and nearly round shape, adorned with bright golden skin. With thick orange flesh, it offers a firm texture and a lively, sweet flavor. Goldcot apricots are versatile, suitable for various purposes such as processing, canning, or enjoying fresh.



The Moorpark apricot variety, originating in the eighteenth century, is renowned for its large size and delightful flavor. With juicy, aromatic flesh reminiscent of plums, it offers a unique taste experience. Sporting brownish-red skin adorned with spots and dots, and yellow to orange flesh, Moorpark apricots are typically harvested in midseason.



The Riland apricot variety boasts a nearly round shape and medium size, adorned with fine velvety hairs. Its light yellow skin is complemented by a deep red blush covering half of the fruit. Renowned for its firm and meaty flesh, Riland apricots offer a satisfying texture and delightful taste.

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