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Oats, originally from the Mediterranean region, have gained significant popularity worldwide due to their versatile applications across various industries. Indian oats exporters ship substantial quantities of oats to different countries annually, offering a range of oat varieties. Exporting these highly nutritious grains presents a lucrative business opportunity for Indian exporters, with numerous advantages associated with oats export.


NutrientsCalories – 389 calories
Carbs – 66.3 grams
Fibre – 10.6 grams
VitaminVitamin B


Importing oats from India encompasses a diverse range of varieties, such as HFO-114, Brunker-10, and Weston-11, among others. Indian oats exporters specialize in exporting premium-quality oats and other grains to global destinations. The oat export industry presents a promising opportunity for local vendors to establish their presence in the international market.


HFO - 114 (HARYANA JAVI - 114)

Introduced in 1974, HFO-114 is an early-sown oats variety known for its robust attributes. With excellent tillering and synchronous flowering, this tall variety exhibits resistance to lodging and diseases. Characterized by bold seeds, it yields approximately 50–55 t/ha of green fodder across two cuts, along with 13 t/ha of dry matter and 20 q/ha of seed.



Brunker-10, known for its rapid growth, features fine and smooth leaves. Its prostrate plants exhibit abundant tillering and slow initial growth. With fine and narrow leaves, this variety yields approximately 40–45 t/ha of green fodder in around 140 days. Brunker-10 is predominantly cultivated in Punjab, Haryana, Delhi, and Uttar Pradesh.



Released in 1978, Weston 11 stands out as an exotic variety of oats. It features a semi-erect growth habit, reaching a height of approximately 155 cm. Characterized by broad leaves and smooth panicles, Weston 11 typically flowers in 110 days and matures in 160 days.



Developed in 1980, the Palanpur-1 oats variety boasts medium maturity and abundant tillering, rendering it resistant to lodging. Notified for cultivation in Himachal Pradesh, this variety yields approximately 50 t/ha of green fodder when exported.



Developed through intervarietal hybridization and pedigree selection method, the Bundel Jai-822 oats variety is a result of the cross between IGO-4268 and Indio-6-5-1. Released in 1989, it exhibits an erect growth habit with glabrous nodes. Flowering occurs in approximately 95–100 days, with maturity reached in about 125–130 days.



Sabzaar, released in 1997 and developed by SKUA&T in Srinagar, is notified for cultivation in temperate areas of Kashmir and high altitude regions of Jammu. The SKO-7 variety is characterized by profuse tillering, leafiness, and suitability for dual purposes. It yields approximately 35–40 t/ha of green fodder.



The Harita variety, released in 2007 and notified for Maharashtra, is a multicut oats variety developed by selection from a base population of Kent by MPKV, Rahuri. Suited for the winter season under irrigated conditions, Harita yields an average of around 50 t/ha for green forage and about 9.5 t/ha for dry matter.



Released in 1990 for cultivation in North and Central India under the multi-cut system, the UPO-212 oats variety features a light green stem with 8–10 tillers and thin, variable awns. With an average green fodder yield of around 60 t/ha, it’s a promising option for fodder production.



Developed through intervarietal hybridization using Appler and IPC-163 followed by pedigree breeding and selection, the OL-125 oats variety was released in 1995 for cultivation in the north-west and central zones of the country. With suitability for single cut/multi-cut systems, it yields around 58 t/ha of green fodder, making it a valuable option for fodder production.

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