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One of the major cereal grains in the world, Barley is from the grass family and is extensively grown in temperate climates in different parts of the world. Barley exporter in India exports tonnes of barley to various countries in the world. With the growing demand of Barley in the world, Barley export from India has been increasing year after year. Indian Barley exporter export good quality barley and barley products. Barley export from India includes many varieties of barley.






NutrientsCalories – 389 calories
Carbs – 66.3 grams
Fibre – 10.6 grams
VitaminVitamin B


There are many different varieties of Barley grown in India. Barley import from India includes most of these varieties like Azad, Ratna, Vijaya so on and so forth. The Barley exporter in India exports most of these varieties to the world. The key varieties included in the export of Barley from India are.


AZAD (K.125)

The Azad barley variety is well-suited for cultivation in regions of eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal. Known for its moderate resistance to yellow rust disease, the K.125 variety is valued for both fodder and grain production. Typically, the Azad variety reaches maturity in 115-120 days and can yield approximately 35-38 quintals of grain per hectare under irrigated conditions.



The Ratna barley variety was specifically developed for rainfed regions in eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, and West Bengal. Known for its high tolerance to saline and alkaline soil conditions, Ratna typically matures within 125-130 days. Even under adverse environmental conditions, Ratna exhibits a fairly good yield, owing to its robust tillering ability.



The Vijaya barley variety is tailored for rainfed areas across western Uttar Pradesh, Delhi, and Madhya Pradesh. It typically reaches maturity within 120-125 days. Characterized by shorter plant height compared to other barley varieties, Vijaya boasts a yield potential of 30-35 quintals of grains per hectare.



The RS-6 barley variety, developed in Rajasthan, thrives in both rainfed and irrigated conditions. Recommended primarily for central and eastern Rajasthan, it matures in approximately 130-135 days. With a yield potential ranging from 35 to 40 quintals of grain per hectare, RS-6 is a promising choice for barley cultivation in the region.



Ranjit, also known as DL-70, is a robust six-row barley variety characterized by heavy tillering. Specifically recommended for commercial cultivation in Punjab, it thrives under irrigated conditions. With a yield potential of 30-35 quintals of grains per hectare, Ranjit stands as a promising choice for barley farmers in the region.


C- L64

The C-164 variety of barley stands out with its tall stature, compact ears, and long awns. Its bold, bright, and amber grains make it visually appealing. Renowned for its resistance to yellow rust, C-164 is particularly suited for cultivation under irrigated conditions, thanks to its stiff straw. With a yield averaging around 30-32 quintals of grain per hectare, it presents a reliable option for barley farmers.



LSB stands out as a six-row naked type barley variety, well-suited for cultivation in higher altitude regions like the hills of Himachal Pradesh and Uttar Pradesh. Maturing in approximately 145-150 days, it offers a respectable yield potential of 25-30 quintals of grain per hectare. Its adaptability to mountainous terrains makes it a valuable option for farmers in such areas.

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