About us

We pride ourselves on being a one-stop service for all your food & agro needs. Whether you are an Importer, trader, distributor, hotel, restaurant or any other type of client, we offer a comprehensive solution that caters to all your requirements in one place. With our extensive experience and expertise, we are dedicated to providing superior services and quality that is unparalleled and our offerings adhere to strict International quality standards.

Morning Star Worldwide Trading focuses on boosting business profitability and sales for both local and international companies involved in import, export, or domestic trade within and outside India. Embracing globalization to support global business expansion while managing costs is a core tenet of our company. Our central philosophy centers around establishing a global marketing platform for our clients’ products and services.

In today’s dynamic business environment driven by technology and innovative concepts, MSWT aims to streamline business operations to meet our clients’ specific needs, acting as a vital support for their growth. We highlight that participation in import and export activities opens up opportunities for business growth and advancement.

Furthermore, Morning Star Worldwide Trading provides comprehensive support in sales, marketing, procurement, and logistics to ensure a smooth and successful business journey for our clients.

Morning Star
Group of Companies

Morning Star Group is a worldwide integrated business solutions provider with diverse business operations in General Trading, Import Export, Agro distribution,  Metal Trading, Hotels, Resorts, Construction & Development and Ship breaking.

With a rich legacy and deep expertise in its various ventures, Morning Star Group commenced its initial operations two decades ago. Since then, the company has expanded its presence globally. Morning Star Group operates in countries such as India, United Arab Emirates, West Africa (Ghana & Togo).


Morning Star Group is supported by a dynamic team of professionals with extensive domain knowledge, dedicated to maximizing business profits for its clients. Our diverse teams from different countries and cultures work collaboratively to address the increasing demand for innovative solutions and services.


Morning Star Group is committed to deliver excellence to all its partners. The company has built its business on strong USPs like Technical expertise, Cost Efficiency, Quality Consciousness, Reliability and Timely delivery.

Our company believes that there is a growing need for quality and affordable solutions. Therefore, it focuses on providing high quality and affordable solutions to its clients. Morning Star Group has a unique approach in delivering customised and advanced solutions to any industry and works in synergy with its clients to maximise their business.




Expertise in Domestic and International Trade

MORNING STAR WORLDWIDE TRADING boasts a specialized team with over 15 years of experience in managing global trade operations, assisting diverse industries in establishing a worldwide presence for their offerings, from initial inquiry to delivery.


Cost-Effective Solutions

MORNING STAR WORLDWIDE TRADING offers tailored and cost-efficient solutions that target key success factors, helping businesses tackle their challenges effectively.


Commitment to Quality

Utilizing advanced technologies, MORNING STAR WORLDWIDE TRADING prioritizes quality assurance. The company is affiliated with Inspection Agencies and can conduct thorough quality inspections upon client request.


Improved Efficiency

By optimizing processes, MORNING STAR WORLDWIDE TRADING reduces cycle times, leading to cost and time savings while ensuring utmost customer satisfaction.